Each hot meal costs Meals on Wheels about $7.50 – $8.50 to prepare and deliver. We ask for a monthly donation to help cover the cost of the meals, but no one is ever denied a meal based upon the ability to pay.

As of July 2015 Ypsilanti Meals on Wheels is providing all clients a hot meal and a cold meal daily for a suggested daily contribution of $3.00.

Each recipient agrees to a daily donation based upon income. At the end of each month, we calculate a suggested donation amount based upon the number of meals that have actually been received. We will send the donation request in an envelope with the meal, or we can mail the request to another individual. We ask that the donation be put in the envelope and returned to the delivery person. It may also be mailed to us.

If recipients cannot afford the amount requested, we ask that they give what they can and call the office to adjust the daily amount for the next time. Contributions are important for the continuation of our work, but we do not want it to become a burden.