Every meal reminds a homebound neighbor that someone cares.

YMOW stands committed to providing food and support to medically homebound neighbors of every color, race, gender and orientation. 

Volunteer of quarter feels blessed to serve

YMOW client Richard sings the praises of Randi , YMOW

Since first signing on as a YMOW volunteer in 1995, Bob Nowlan has delivered thousands of meals, met hundreds of people, made dozens of friends and taken countless bags of garbage to the curb. 

“I don’t know how much garbage I’ve taken out over the years,” said Bob, but he does know that each of those small favors helped make someone’s day a little easier. 

Prior to the pandemic, YMOW could count on Bob to report for duty every Monday morning. When YMOW called on longtime volunteers to help during COVID-19, Bob answered the call. He now delivers meals every Monday and Friday, taking extra precautions with each delivery to protect himself and those on the other side of the door. 



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