YMOW Staff

Alison Foreman copy

Alison Foreman, President/CEO

alison@ymow.org | (734) 217-4453

President and Chief Executive Officer Alison Foreman has worked with Ypsilanti area non-profits as an employee and volunteer for more than 15 years.

She is a graduate of Eastern Michigan University, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in juvenile justice and a master’s degree in public administration. Alison worked with the Michigan State Housing Development Authority and the Book Industry Charitable Foundation (formerly the Borders Group Foundation) before joining YMOW  in 2013.

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Alison serves on the boards of the Ypsilanti Area Community Fund, Washtenaw Leaders Advisory and the Area Agency on Aging 1B Diabetes Program Advisory Group and is a member of the Ypsilanti Kiwanis Club. She is a former 8-year member of the SOS community services board, an organization which provides transitional housing, food and therapeutic programs for local children.

In recent years Alison has shared her knowledge of senior services funding as a guest on NPR's “All Things Considered” and CNN's “The Lead” with Jake Tapper.

Alison lives in Ypsilanti Township with her husband, Nate, and their two Devon Rex cats, Ray and Jen. Alison and Nate enjoy hiking, fishing and spending time outdoors.

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Kelly Schwartz, Operations Director

kelly@ymow.org | (734) 547-3202

Kelly Schwartz began her role as Operations Director in July 2020, but her relationship with YMOW began in 2002. A longtime supporter of the YMOW mission, Kelly was serving as chairman of the YMOW Board of Directors when she joined the YMOW staff.

As Operations Director, Kelly manages the day-to-day operations of YMOW, supervising the CCAs, volunteer coordinator and managing client services.

Having previously worked in leadership roles at Food Gatherers, Ann Arbor Area Transportation Authority and Huron Valley Humane Society, Kelly brings a long history and vast knowledge of non-profit work and community service to her role. While serving as Director of Operations at the Humane Society, Kelly helped to initiate the Bountiful Bowls program through which YMOW supplies pet owners with food and other necessities.

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She holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Detroit College of Business and an MBA from University of Alabama at Birmingham.

As YMOW board chairman, Kelly said she was committed to helping the staff and volunteers of YMOW find new and better ways to enhance and improve the lives of the community’s homebound neighbors. As Operations Director, she continues that mission.

“I’m thrilled to serve YMOW and the community in this new role,” Kelly said. “Access to food and other supportive services is paramount for our aging and disabled population and I’m proud to be part of an organization that makes that happen.”

Kelly lives in Ann Arbor with her wife, Kristin, and their dogs, Molly and Lewis.

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Keegen Carty Meranuck, Office Manager

keegen@ymow.org | (734) 217-4454

Keegen Carty Meranuck brings a background in business management and a passion for food equity to his role as office manager at Ypsilanti Meals on Wheels. 

“I’m a big believer in everyone having access to nutritious food,” said Keegen, who became a delivery volunteer with YMOW in late 2020 before stepping into the role of office manager in February 2021. 

As the point person between YMOW and the people served, Keegen enjoys getting to know each and every client and doing what he can to meet their needs as efficiently as possible. 

Keegen graduated with a degree in business management from Johnson & Wales University in Rhode Island. He now lives in Ypsilanti and enjoys theater, yoga, being outdoors, gardening and his two cats, Mowgli and Lola. 


 Kellie Childs,Occupational Therapist, MOT, OTRL

kellie@ymow.org | (734) 557-8241

After a career in social justice, Kellie’s career switched gears when she witnessed the progress her own son made while working with an occupational therapist. She earned her degree, taught OT at Eastern Michigan University, and now has found a home on the YMOW team.

“The home is a natural environment for occupational therapy to happen,” said Kellie, who has practiced occupational therapy for 12 years.

Raised by her grandparents, older adults have long been an important part of Kellie’s life. She said she’s pleased to find a way to use her OT skills and knowledge to make aging easier and to help people age in the comfort of home.

Kellie also holds a degree in women’s studies from EMU. She lives in Saline with her husband, son and daughter.


Bridget Daly, Occupational Therapist, OTRL

bridget@ymow.org | (734) 217-4769

Bridget Daly came to YMOW in September 2021, bringing with her more than 26 years of experience in occupational therapy. Bridget, who works part-time for the Henry Ford Health systems, spent the last eight years providing people with in-home therapy. As part of YMOW’s CAPABLE team, she will continue to help people remain safe and independent in their own homes.

“I enjoy problem solving and brainstorming what can work best for a person to succeed in their lives,” Bridget said.

Part of a large, close-knit family, Bridget also helps her mother navigate memory changes and supports her uncle as he battles Parkinson’s disease.

Bridget shares a home with her husband and their dog, Dalai. She enjoys hiking, kayaking and being outdoors.

9/12/16 School of Nursing headshots

 Amber Dallwig,CAPABLE+ Nurse, DNP, RN

amber@ymow.org | (734) 557-8241

Amber Dallwig is new to the YMOW staff, but she’s been an important part of the team since 2012. Through her roles as Clinical Quality Assurance Manager at Area on Aging 1B and as an instructor with the community health program at the University of Michigan and Eastern Michigan University, Amber helped to drive the YMOW mission for years before taking the role of CAPABLE+ nurse in March 2021.

“I have watched YMOW grow,” said Amber, who holds a doctorate in nursing practice from Indiana Wesleyan University. Now, she will contribute to that growth as she works to help relaunch YMOW’s CAPABLE+ and ADEPT programs, both of which are geared toward helping clients age longer and more safely at home.

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“I love older people,” said Amber, who is looking forward to providing one-on-one attention to those in need of care. She said she also looks forward to the day when programs like CAPABLE are covered by insurance.

“I want to be part of that,” she said.

In addition to her part-time role with YMOW, Amber continues to instruct nursing students at Eastern Michigan University. Her students spend most Fridays learning through their assistance at YMOW.

A lifelong Michigander, Amber lives in Carleton with her husband, Dave. She loves painting and spending time with her granddaughter.

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Megan Berry, Clinical Social Worker, LLMSW

megan@ymow.org | 734-557-8259

For Megan Berry, problem solving is at the heart of her job.

“I enjoy looking at problems from a systemic level to better understand how and why problems are occurring,” said Megan, who joined YMOW’s social work team in November 2020. 

A graduate of EMU, Megan was eager to apply her knowledge and skills to her community when she came to YMOW. Megan has worked extensively with older adults, both as a social service specialist in a hospital setting and as a social worker with Area Agency on Aging 1B, where she coordinated supportive services for older and disabled adults who wanted to continue to live at home. 

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As a member of YMOW’s CAPABLE+ team, Megan will continue to help people age well at home.

Megan said she is especially proud of YMOW’s role in fighting the physical and mental effects of isolation through meal deliveries, friendly calls and support of clients’ pets.

Megan lives in Ypsilanti with her husband Niles and their pets - a dog named Lucy and a cat named Bruce. She enjoys gardening, hiking, staying active, and spending time with friends and family. 

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Traci Bibins,Community Health Worker

Traci joined the YMOW team in March 2019 after a search for volunteer opportunities in her community led her to YMOW.

“I just needed something else,” said Traci, who works as a tax accountant and paramedic in addition to her work at YMOW. She said her work at YMOW allows her to get out from behind a desk and offer hands-on help to her neighbors in need.

Food delivery is important, she said, but often the most important thing she does all day is listen.

“Sometimes, that’s all they want,” she said.

Traci also spends time caring for elderly Ypsilanti neighbors by helping with cleaning, shopping and even preparing their favorite meals.

The mother of three sons, Traci looks forward to Sunday dinners with her family.



Jessica Cichowlas, Volunteer Manager

jessica@ymow.org or volunteer@ymow.org | (734) 217-4450

Volunteer Manager Jessica Cichowlas joined YMOW in October 2020 - a time when Ypsilanti’s homebound population, and their needs, were at an all-time high due to sheltering in place against COVID-19.

“I wanted to shift my focus to my community in Ypsilanti,” Jessica said of her move to YMOW, where she hopes to bring creative ideas, a "can do" attitude, and growth to the organization through the work of volunteers from the community.

A 2014 graduate of Eastern Michigan University, Jessica is pursuing a graduate certificate in nonprofit management from her alma mater.

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Prior to becoming volunteer coordinator, Jessica was a volunteer herself throughout high school and college. Before joining the YMOW team, she served as assistant volunteer and outreach coordinator for Ann Arbor Parks and Recreation’s GIVE365 program.

She said she looks forward to tapping into the community’s generous, caring citizens to create a stronger program at Ypsilanti Meals on Wheels.

“Volunteers play an important role in the support of the YMOW mission. As a YMOW volunteer, they get to experience first-hand the impact that can come from a seemingly simple interaction each day,” Jessica said.

Jessica lives in Ypsilanti Township with her partner, Travis, and their two cats, Finn and Marble. She loves being outdoors, preparing food from local farms and doing what she can to protect the planet.

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Madison Montambault, Development Manager

madison@ymow.org or giving@ymow.org | (734) 217.4770

As Development Manager, Madison is responsible for developing and executive ways to help YMOW raise the money needed to serve our homebound clients. 

Madison said she looks forward to using the skills she gained as Development, Membership and Events Coordinator at Matthaei Nichols Botanical Gardens and Arboretum in Ann Arbor to serve the homebound population of Ypsilanti. 

“I look forward to helping YMOW raise money so we can help as many people in need as possible,” Madison said. 

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A professional opera singer, Madison said her work as a performer with nonprofit organizations has helped her to develop an understanding of the needs and workings of organizations like YMOW. She holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Vocal Performance from the University of Michigan, where she also earned a minor focusing on non-profits and development. 

Madison has performed with opera theaters in Detroit, Indianapolis and Florida. She also enjoys hiking, kayaking, time with family and friends, and listening to all kinds of music.

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Sandy copy

Sandy Bosch, Grants and Communications Manager

sandy@ymow.org | (734) 217-4578

Sandy stepped into her role as communications coordinator at YMOW in 2018. It is a job that pairs two of her favorite things – writing and serving the senior population.

After a long career in community journalism, Sandy left her job as a reporter in 2014 to pursue a long held desire to work with older adults and to help them age safely in their homes.

Sandy uses her writing and communication skills to share the story of YMOW with the community, donors and supporters, and with those who might be in need of the organization’s many services.

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“YMOW is an organization that the entire community should be proud of. I want people to know about the good we do and the people who make that possible,” Sandy said.

Sandy also works as a freelance writer. She and husband Dave have two grown children and welcomed their first grandchild in 2021.

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Daniel Cichowlas,Client Care Associate

Daniel Cichowlas’ desire to serve his community was fulfilled the day he learned of YMOW’s need for a client care associate. 

“It’s the highlight of my week,” Dan said of the hours he spends delivering meals to YMOW clients.

Dan said he understands that food insecurity is a reality for many at one time or another, and he’s proud to be part of the solution. 

“It just feels good to be able to provide necessities,” he said. 

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As the brother of YMOW Volunteer Manager Jessica Cichowlas, Dan was aware of the good work that YMOW was doing for the homebound resident of Ypsilanti. 

“It sounded like a great group of people and a great organization,” said Daniel, who joined YMOW as a Client Care Associate in December 2021. 

Dan lives in Ypsilanti. When he’s not serving the clients of YMOW, he works as a freelance video editor. 

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Eric Gill copy

Eric Gill, Client Care Associate

Eric Gill joined the YMOW team in September 2018, fulfilling his need to help others in his community.

“I believe that helping those in need is the right thing to do,” Eric said.

In his previous job at the Detroit Institute of Arts, Eric worked with a diverse population of all ages and from a wide range of demographics and socio-economic backgrounds, including senior citizens and people with Alzheimer’s disease and their caregivers.

Eric lives in Ann Arbor with his husband and two dogs. During his free time he enjoys baking, gardening and staying active. He also loves to travel and to explore nature.

R Hinz CCA 2022

Ron Hinz, Client Care Associate

Ron Hinz joined YMOW’s team of client care associates in May 2022 as part of his retirement plan to spend time helping his community. 

“I just thought it was a really good opportunity to help people,” he said.

He said the best part of working at YMOW is the people and the gratitude they show. 

“Everybody is just so appreciative,” he said, and he takes that gratitude with him throughout the day. 

Several years before joining YMOW, Ron ended his long career as an accountant and started a series of what he calls “fun” jobs, one of which involved test driving cars for Hyundai.  

An Ann Arbor resident, Ron and wife Leanne have two grown children and enjoy traveling throughout the United States. 


Randi Mayrent copy

Randi Mayrent, Client Care Associate

Randi became a client care associate with Ypsilanti Meals on Wheels in 2015.

“I enjoy every aspect of my job - delivering food, sharing a few moments with the clients, their kids, pets and getting to know the volunteers and interns,” she said.

Randi enjoys delivering meals to clients because it gives her the opportunity to ensure they are safe in their homes.

“Every meal I deliver comes with a greeting, a smile, a look into the eyes. It lets each client know someone is there, that someone sees them and is concerned about their well-being,” she said.

Randi said working with YMOW has provided her with a deeper humility, patience, sincerity, compassion and an overall interest in others, especially seniors. In addition to her passion for her work, Randi enjoys walking her dogs, listening to music, gardening and spending time with friends.


Brett Snyder, Client Care Associate

Brett Snyder has missed YMOW ever since he left back in 2016.

“I’ve always wanted to come back,” he said. And he did from time to time, as a volunteer.

When the opportunity arose in 2020 to return to YMOW, Brett didn’t hesitate. He now delivers meals as a client care associate and also uses his master’s degree in social work to assist with data collection for the CAPABLE program.

“I love it,” Brett said. “I like seeing the clients every day and building a relationship, a couple of minutes at a time.”

Brett lives in Ypsilanti with his wife, Caren, a professor of social work at Eastern Michigan University. He and Caren have two rescue dogs.


Richele Taylor, Client Care Associate

New to the area, Richele Taylor was searching for her place in the community when she found it at Ypsilanti Meals on Wheels. 

“I was called to it,” said Richele, who started delivering meals to YMOW clients in November 2021. Just weeks into her new job, Richele had already grown to know and care about the clients on her route. 

“I look forward to going to work,” she said, and to doing small things for her clients, even if that small thing is as simple as a smile. “It’s not just a food delivery service. It’s a lifeline. It’s about community. It’s just about being there.” 

Richele lives in Ann Arbor with her partner, Brent, and their blended family of four children. They have a German shepherd/Alaskan malamute named Penny and a cat named Batman.


Joe Waldrop, Client Care Associate

Joe remembers how his mother-in-law looked forward to her daily meal delivery from her local Meals on Wheels. So when the opportunity arose to join the YMOW team, he knew it was his chance to return the favor.

“I was always impressed with people who brought her meals. They made her day,” Joe said. Now, he’s happy to be that person for the people on his YMOW route.

After several years of retirement, Joe said he’s happy to find a role that allows him to interact with people while contributing to his community.

Joe lives in Ypsilanti Township with his wife and their two Chihuahuas, Pixie and Hazel.