Pets Assisting the Lives of Seniors (P.A.L.S.)

For many homebound people, a pet is a treasured companion and an important tool against loneliness. To help clients care for their furry friends, YMOW offers free delivery of pet food, cat litter and other pet supplies through its Pets Assisting the Lives of Seniors (P.A.L.S.) program.

In partnership with the Humane Society of Huron Valley and Meals on Wheels America’s We Love Pets program, YMOW delivers thousands of pounds of food, treats and cat litter to dozens of YMOW clients’ pets each year. Supplies are delivered monthly to the clients’ door. 

In addition to food and supplies, YMOW clients can access pet grooming and veterinary services, including nail trims and preventative care, for a small contribution. 

Pets play an important role in the lives of many seniors. But for those living on a fixed and limited income, the cost of keeping a pet can be daunting. P.A.L.S. allows seniors to enjoy the many benefits of pet ownership without the financial stress, leaving the senior with more money to care for themselves and their home. 

YMOW believes P.A.L.S does more than provide care for a pet. Research shows that seniors with pets are 36% less likely to suffer from loneliness and have 21% fewer doctor visits than those without a four-legged companion. By caring for a senior’s furry friend, we’re improving the lives of our homebound neighbors. 


Pet care
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