Join the Board

Ypsilanti Meals on Wheels welcomes active, energetic, and engaged members of the community to join the organization’s Board of Directors. Members of the Ypsilanti Meals on Wheels Board of Directors work to further YMOW’s commitment to local homebound neighbors while ensuring that the organization applies sound judgment in pursuit of its mission.

Through monthly meetings and ongoing support, board members promote the work of YMOW throughout the community and act as ambassadors for the organization. In return, board members benefit from knowing they are helping YMOW to support homebound residents of the community with food, social interaction and more.

Board duties include:

  • reviewing the annual audit, reviewing monthly financial reports, and reviewing and approving the annual budget.
  • engaging in long-range planning by participating in strategic conversations and activities that balance the long- and short-term objectives of YMOW.
  • overseeing the performance of YMOW by participating in and reviewing periodic evaluations of the organization and its mission.
  • supervising the YMOW Executive Director by participating in performance appraisals and referring organizational and human resource issues to YMOW’s Executive Director.

Board members are asked to:

  • Attend monthly board meetings
  • Attend and participate in the member’s chosen committee
  • Support fundraising activities by attending key events, selling tickets and soliciting donations
  • Make a personal financial commitment to YMOW (annually)
  • Use skills and experience to enhance the success of the organization
  • Contribute approximately five hours per month to the organization. *Board executives are asked to contribute approximately 10 hours per month to the organization.

Inspired to learn more about board service? Contact Executive Director Alison Foreman at (734) 217-4453 or via email at

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